rtPanel:Comments with Gravatar

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Gravatar is abbreviation for “Globally Recognized Avatar”. The user creates account in Gravatar with an email id and upload an image associated with it. If user uses this email id to post a comment, the blogging software checks if this e-mail id has an associated image at Gravatar. If so, then the associated image will be shown along with the comments.

Based on same technique ‘rtPanel:Comments with Gravatar’ widgets will show the comments along with the gravatar (that is associated with provided email id while posting a comment.)

At admin dashboard ‘rtPanel:Comments with Gravatar’ widget have provided following options to customize the Gravator display:

  • Title: This option is to set title for recent comments.

  • Show Gravatar: This option is to show the gravatar along with the comments. Check the check-box to show the Gravatar.

  • Gravatar Size: This option is to set the gravatar size. You just have to select the size from the drop down list.

  • Show Comments: This option is to set number of recent comments that will be displayed at front end.

  • Show Alternate Comments: Check the check box if you want to display the recent comments randomly.

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