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Widgets is a functionality in WordPress which offers interactive options and visual appeal to the website. Widgets enable non-technical users to customize their theme according to the specific layout as needed in their site. rtPanel comes with the following default widgets considering the general requirements of users:

  • rtPanel:Categories

  • rtPanel:Comments with Gravatar

  • rtPanel:Subscribe Widget


This widget can be used when, you we want to display the categories of your site. You can select the option in the widget as in the way you would like to display the category list in the widget area.

Following are the options available in the widget:

Title: It is title for widget.

Order by: You can display the categories ordered by Category name, Category id, Category count or Category-slug. For that you have to select the respective from DropDown list

Sort by: Selecting ‘Ascending’ or ‘Descending’ from the DropDown list categories can sorted in ascending or descending order.

Show Category: Is number of categories to be displayed on widget area.

Style: You can either select ‘List’ or ‘Dropdown’ in the way you want to display it.

Exclude: You can exclude particular category from list by entering its category id. Multiple category can be excluded for that you have separate category id by comma(‘,’)

Show Hierarchy: You can show the hierarchy of by checking the check box.

Hide Empty: You can hide those category names which do not have post in it by checking the check box.

Show post counts: Check the check box if you want to display the count of post for that category.

In next post, we would talk about rest of the rtPanel default widgets i.e.

For any questions about usage of these widgets, connect with us on support forum.