rtPanel Theme Options 'Post & Comments'

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In this page we are going to discuss options/setting provided in rtPanel > Post & Comments tab.

Post Summary Settings

This is a good feature in rtPanel, this meta box settings are reflected on Blog/Archive listing page. By ‘Enable Summary’ check box, it provides an option for ‘Word Limit’ and ‘Read More’ text. Also, user can set word limit for excerpt text and can change Read More text with required text.


Post Thumbnail Settings

Again this option we used for Media present on Blog listing page. User can set thumbnail (Featured image) dimensions, after changing dimension you will need to run Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. In ‘Thumbnail Alignment’ option, user can change image alignment, by default it shows in right hand side of post excerpt. Crop Thumbnail can crop image thumbnail in provided image dimension. Also, if wants to show the border around the thumbnail, can check ‘Add Frame’ check box.


Post Meta Settings

Post meta display post date, post author, category and tags on blog post list, archive post list and single post. User can change date format in same options. Also, in front end post meta can show above content and below content by checking checkbox provided here.


Pagination Settings

Pagination setting reflects on Blog/Archive listing page. By disabling this setting it will show WordPress default pagination on Blog/Archive listing page.


Comment Settings

This meta box contains Comment form and Gravatar settings.


For any questions or concerns about using ‘Post & Comments’ theme options, visit support forum.