rtPanel Theme Options 'General'

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rtPanel has been updating its features regularly to make it more robust theme framework for the users.

This page will provide a brief explanation about options/settings in rtPanel > General theme option.

Logo & Favicon Settings

Logo is unique graphical symbol in the site to represent your organisation or product/service. Keeping in mind the importance of logo, rtPanel has made it easy to add logo to your site. Theme has provided you the option to add a logo to your site in the easiest manner.

rtPanel theme by default will display the ‘Site Title’ as Logo. To add logo image to your site you can either enter complete URL address of the Logo image or you can upload a logo of your choice from your HDD.


Favicon is abbreviation for ‘Favorites Icon’. It is a small image used to associate with a website and is displayed in the browser’s address bar with the URL.

Favicon can be added in the same way as logo. You can either enter complete URL address of the favicon or you can upload a favicon of your choice from your HDD. While uploading the favicon you should make note that the image size should be around 16px X 16px and the image should be icon type (ICO file).

Google Custom Search Integration

Your WordPress site contains lots of stuff and the search result helps you to find information from your site. Using rtPanel ‘Google Custom Search Integration’ option you can convert WordPress search results automatically into Google Search. To do the same you have to enter Google Search Code which can be obtained from here.


Here you have an option to show/hide sidebar on Search Results Page.

This section contains all sidebar setting, by default it show only ‘Enable Footer Sidebar’ setting. Footer Sidebar will enable if this check box checked.


If BuddyPress and bbPress plugin are installed then it show option for BuddyPress and bbPress sidebar. By Enable BuddyPress and bbPress sidebar, it will add extra sidebar widget area to widgets option page.

Custom Styles

This is one of the best feature of rtPanel. If you would like to style your site then you can add your extra CSS rules here. But be careful while adding your style because it can break your site. You can contact us at our forum for any query regarding CSS styling for your site.


Plugin Support

rtPanel support rtMedia, BuddyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and much more plugins. All supported plugins are listed here with install, activate, deactivate, edit or delete options.


Backup / Restore Settings

The rtPanel Settings can be backed up or restored through this option. You can save the setting made in the rtPanel on you HDD. Clicking on the ‘Export’ button will create a file type “.rtp”. All your setting will be saved in this file and to restore the same setting you need to upload same file in Import rtPanel Options.

This option will be useful when you have changed the rtPanel settings and want to recover all previous settings made in it within less time.


The general theme options provided above solves the basic requirements of users. As per the requirements custom theme options can also be developed on rtPanel. We will soon write a post on ‘Developing Theme Options’.

For any questions or concerns about using ‘General’ theme options, visit support forum.