Hooks in rtPanel Child theme

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As the theme frameworks are evolving, theme development is getting easier. The developers are also looking for frameworks with better control and more options to customize and streamline the development work. Developers are more inclined towards use of multiple actions, hooks and filters.

Considering this, rtPanel has also been offering some awesome in-built hooks. The inbuilt function such as Hooks allows a developer to rewrite content or append new functionality. To know more about the ‘rtPanel Hooks’ refer this. To  make it further easy, we have provided a rtPanel hooks editor plugin.

rtPanel Hooks Layout Map:

Some other commonly used hooks are:

  • Using rtp_hook_before_header, rtp_hook_after_header, rtp_hook_after_logo.

  • Using rtp_hook_before_header can be used to display the content before header.

  • Using rtp_hook_after_logo can be used to display the content after the logo.

  • Using rtp_hook_after_header can be used to display the content after header.

In further posts, we will give some examples and case studies about usages of rtPanel Hooks. You may ask your questions on our dedicated support forum.