How to use Fontello fonts in rtPanel

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Important: Before starting with this tutorials, make sure you have setup rtPanel with its dependencies on your local system.

In rtPanel we have already configured Fontello fonts, in /assets/fontello/ location you will see the css/ and font/ directory with config.json file.

Follow these steps, to add custom Fontello icons,

1. Generate fonts

Import existing config.json file to rtPanel Fontello Icon

rtPanel Fontello Icons

2. Choose custom fonts

After importing config.json file, it will highlight existing icons in the list, now you can choose your required icons and download web font.

3. Import config.json

Extract zip file which downloaded from a live site, copy only config.json file to /assets/fontello/ location (overwrite existing file).

After above process, start a terminal and run grunt command, this command will generate icon font and css in the respective directory.

To use new custom icons you may refer demo.html in previously downloaded zip.