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Image Sizes

You can easily set the width and height of every type of media being displayed.


  1. Photo files are displayed in three different pre-set sizes, namely Thumbnail, Medium and Large. You can specify the size in pixels for these pre-set sizes. You can also choose to crop the image. These pre-set sizes are used as follows :

    • Thumbnail: Used to display the list of photos under the media tab.
    • Medium: Used to display media in activity stream.
    • Large: Used for single media page or for lightbox display.

      Note: When you select cropping, the original image is NOT changed. rtMedia creates another image of the cropped size to display. If you do not select cropping, rtMedia will resize the original image to nearly the specified dimension, preserving the aspect ratio of the image.

  2. You can display videos in both the Activity and Single view players. Specify the width and height of the video to be displayed, in pixels.

  3. Audio files are also played in both Activity and Single views. You can specify the width of the audio player, to be shown in these views.
  4. You can set a custom height and width (in pixels) and enable cropping for featured media files.
  5. Regenrating thumbnail
  6. rtMedia can maintain the image quality, minimum value is 1 and it goes up to 100 (original quality).