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rtMedia Albums

  • Albums can organize your media. Since rtMedia 3.0, you can create albums without needing BuddyPress.
  • A lightbox appears to present a slideshow of media items in an album.
  • You can move media between albums and merge albums.
  • Global albums can be used to define preset albums. Wall Posts is an example of global album. manage albums
  • Albums can be disabled if you do not wish to use them from rtMedia->Settings.

Click the Media tab of your BuddyPress profile, and then click Albums tab to view the Album Gallery.

The Album Gallery lists all the albums that you have created.

On another user's profile, the albums will be visible as per the privacy setting with which they were created:

  • public
  • friends(BuddyPress friends)
  • users(logged in users).

If you use BuddyPress groups, the same media/album functions will be available there as well.

album list

Viewing Album Items

In the Album Gallery, click an album cover photo or its name to view the items uploaded to it.

album and its media

Editing an Album

To make changes to an album or its items, use these steps while referring to the screen shot that follows:

  1. Click on the Edit Album , after opening an album as explained in the sections 'Viewing Album Gallery' and 'Viewing album items' above. edit albums
  2. You can make changes on the Edit Album page that opens:
    • Modify the title.
    • Enter/modify the description.
    • Click Save.
  3. To move selected items from the current album to another:
    • Click Move.
    • Select the media/other files to move using the checkboxes. To select/unselect all items, click the relevant links.
    • Choose the target album from the dropdown.
    • Click Move Selected.
  4. To delete items:
    • Select the media/other files using the checkboxes. To select/unselect all items, click the relevant links.
    • Click Delete Selected. Making changes to an album and moving/deleting its items.

Merging Albums

  1. Click the Merge Album, after opening the album you wish to merge with another. Refer to the sections 'Viewing Album Gallery' and 'Viewing album items' above for related information.
  2. In the dialog that appears, use the dropdown to choose the album to merge the current album with.
  3. Click Merge Album.

    Merge album dialog

Deleting an Album

To delete the album you are currently viewing, click the delete icon and then click OK on the confirmation popup.