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Once rtMedia has been installed on your WordPress software, it has many features that can be used.

Each feature of rtMedia can be customized and controlled with the use of Settings.

Here is a list of features that end-users will enjoy with rtMedia (free) plugin.

  1. Like Buttons for Media
  2. Upload Media
  3. View Album Gallery and Items
  4. Manage Albums
  5. Privacy
  6. Delete Media
  7. Edit Media
  8. Shortcodes
  9. Advance User settings

Access rtMedia Settings

  • On WordPress dashboard, the rtMedia plugin options are visible on the left hand column.
  • Click the rtMedia link and users will be able to see links to Settings, Addons, Support, Themes, Hire Us and Premium.
  • Click Settings to access controls for all rtMedia features.

Read documentation on rtMedia Settings