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Edit Media or Other Files

Changes can be made to media or other files using the Edit button. For sites running rtMedia, the Edit button can be used to make changes to media classified under Photos, Video and Audio.

The Edit button allows you to:

  1. Change the title of media, documents and other files.
  2. Change privacy settings of media, documents and other files.
  3. Modify images by cropping, rotating and flipping them.
  4. Add or modify the descriptions for the items.

To Edit a media or other item:

  1. Click the media item to open it in a lightbox or an individual page or in thumbnail size (on mouse hover).edit image
  2. Click Edit to open the Edit Media page.
  3. Set or modify the title, privacy setting, and description. Click Save.selection_015
  4. To modify an image, click Modify Image on the Edit Media page.rtmedia-modify-image
  5. Use one of the image editing tools to modify the image. The tools available are Crop, Rotate counter-clockwise, Rotate clockwise, Flip vertically and Flip horizontally. Click Scale Image to enter new dimensions. To crop the image, click the image and drag to select the desired region. Click Help for more information about cropping.image-editing-tools
  6. Click Save.