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BuddyPress integration

rtMedia adds rich media capabilities to BuddyPress activity pages, profiles and groups. This is where the core power of rtMedia will be evident.

BuddyPress users will find a Media menu made available in the admin bar menu, as shown below:

Media menu with BuddyPress on site

Media Tab in BuddyPress Profiles and Groups

A Media tab is added on BuddyPress profiles and groups.

In BuddyPress profiles, the URL of the media tab takes this form:

In BuddyPress groups, the URL of the media tab takes this form:

The All tab displays thumbnails of all recently uploaded media or other items.

Media is classified under Albums, Photos, Videos and Music. If the rtMedia premium add-ons is running on the site, additional tabs of Playlists, Documents and Others will also be provided.

media tabs