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rtMedia js hooks

rtMedia has several js hooks defined which works like WordPress hooks, you can use them in your theme or plugin for rtMedia related tasks.

rtmedia_after_gallery_load: after rtMedia gallery load/refresh

rtmedia_js_file_added: after file added in queue for upload (need to return true/false)

rtmedia_js_file_remove: after file removed from upload queue

rtmedia_js_after_file_upload: after single file upload

rtmedia_js_after_files_uploaded: after all the files uploaded

rtmedia_js_after_comment_added: after comment added for media

rtmedia_js_after_comment_deleted: after comment delete

rtmedia_js_popup_after_content_added: after lightbox open

rtmedia_js_after_activity_added: after rtMedia activity added in BuddyPress activity page

To use rtMedia js hook, you need to register corresponding function to hook. Check below example for how to use rtMedia js hooks.

if( typeof rtMediaHook == "object" ){    // check if rtMediaHook defined or not
 'rtmedia_js_after_file_upload', // hook id here
  function ( args ) { // your function here
 // your code here