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Conditional Tags

Following are the available conditional tags present in rtMedia.

  • is_rtmedia_gallery() - returns true when a media ( video, music, photo or all ) archive or album archive page is displayed.
  • is_rtmedia_album_gallery() - returns true when an album archive page is displayed.
  • is_rtmedia_single() - returns true* when a single media page is displayed.
  • is_rtmedia_album() - returns true when a single album page is displayed.
  • is_rtmedia_edit_allowed() - returns true when a single media or album is editable.
  • is_rtmedia_album_enable() - returns true when albums are enabled.
  • is_rtmedia_privacy_enable() - returns true when privacy is enabled.
  • is_rtmedia_privacy_user_overide() - returns true when privacy can be overridden by users.
  • is_rtmedia_group_media_enable() - returns true when media is enabled on group.
  • is_rtmedia_upload_video_enabled() - returns true when video uploads are enabled.
  • is_rtmedia_upload_photo_enabled() - returns true when photo uploads are enabled.
  • is_rtmedia_upload_music_enabled() - returns true when music uploads are enabled.