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rtMedia View Counter

Enabling this addon allows you to display the number of times a media item has been viewed.

Enable View Counter

To use this feature, the site admin first needs to enable the Enable view count feature from rtMedia admin settings.


Where it will be displayed

Users will be able to see view count of media, as shown:


How it works

Registered / Logged-in users

We are not managing counts based on IP/cookeis.

Example of how the view count will be managed:

  • let's say number of registered user/member on site : 5

  • Now, User 1 uploads media. [ Current View Count : 1 ]

  • The same media viewed by other 4 registered users once. [ Current View Count : 5 ]

We manage registered users by their user-ids. So, count will increment by 1 for different users on viewing the media.

  • User 1 again visited the same media. [ Current View Count : 5 ]

Note : It will be incremented by 1 only regardless how many times same user views the photo. We believe that views should be unique otherwise any one can simply write a script to increase any media's views.

Non-logged-in users
  • A guest user1 views the media uploaded by User 1. [ Current View Count : 6 ]
  • A guest user2 views the media uploaded by User 1. [ Current View Count : 6 ]

As we are not using any mechanism for identifying non-logged in users, we are only increasing extra 1 count for all of them.