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Enable Sitemap for media uploaded via rtMedia.


  1. By activating this button, it allows you to generate sitemap for all the media files uploaded via rtMedia plugin.

  2. This is for maximum number of entries per sitemap page.

  3. This link will redirect you to install yoast SEO or activate yoast Sitemap feature. If you want to create/handle sitemap automatically by yoast SEO plugin.

  4. If Yoast SEO plugin not installed or used on your site, this link will automatically manage to create sitemap for media files.

If you are using Yoast SEO plugin, sitemap for media files can be found under plugin settings.


How it works

Generate manually sitemap

When generating media sitemap manually, this will generate sitemap for media type allow upload under types tab of rtMedia setting.

Sitemap index file which contains sitemaps of media type. sitemap_index

sitemap file for photos, rtmedia-photo-sitemap1.xml rtmedia-photo-sitemap

Generate sitemap using yoast

To generate sitemap using yoast, click on xml sitemap button after configuring your yoast settings. yoast-setting

this will generate sitemap index file, including sitemap for media uploaded via rtmedia plugin. yoast-sitemap