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rtMedia Default(Global) Albums

This feature allows the creation of multiple global albums. One of these albums can be set as the default global album where all uploaded media will be saved.

Set Default Album

Go to rtMedia > Settings, and click the Global Albums tab: default-album-setting

Use this feature to set a global album as the default album for uploads across your site. All the albums that you have created will be displayed in a list as shown in the image above.

You can either rename, delete or set any one of the albums as the default album. Wall Posts is preselected as the default album.

If you want to add a new album to the list, click Add.

Note that you cannot search for any media in the search bar, that is, you cannot access any media by entering its name in the search bar. You can only access media if you know the album in which it resides.

Similarly, you cannot search for albums, you have to know the album name in order to access it.

Using this feature, a new drop-down will be added, as shown allowing user to select respective album to upload media.