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rtMedia myCRED


Install myCRED plugin to use this feature.

myCRED is a point management system for sites running on WordPress. Through it's integration with rtMedia, site admins can award virtual points for various rtMedia activities.

NOTE : Site admin must need to disable rtMedia Galleries setting in order to enable credit points from rtMedia.


The points system is currently supported for the following activities:

Upload image

Upload video

Upload music

Create album

Create playlist

Rate media

Like media

Download media

View media

Edit media

Edit album

Delete media (you can add negative points for this)

Report abuse on media

Set as album cover

Set as featured image

Add media comment

Integration with myCRED

  1. Install the myCRED plugin. mycred-install
  2. Under Plugins > myCRED Setup, start the myCRED setup. mycred-setup
  3. Under myCRED > Hooks, you will see a new section - Points for rtMedia - with a list of activities for which you can award points. mycred-hooks
  4. Admins can go to myCRED > Logs to see recent points transactions for every user. mycred-logs
  5. Under myCRED Points > myCRED Settings admin can find link to setup meCRED points. mycred-setup-link