Member Search Form

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How to set member search form below slider.

We have added member search form at the bottom of slider on home page.

To activate this form you need to install Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type after installed this plugin and activate it.

Adding Profile fields

You can add profile fields from Dashboard -> Users -> Profile Fields.

Note: Name is default profile field you can not remove it.

To Add new profile field click Add New Field button, you need to fill following fields,

Name: unique name,
Field Description: Used as title for search box form
Field Requirement: if its required or not,
Field Type: choose field type based on requirement, following is an example:

1. text for city
2. date for birthdate
3. dropdown for gender

Rearranging/ Sorting fields :
You can rearrange fields by dragging profile fields up and down.

Configuring Member Serach Form

You can find settings to configure search form as follows: Dashboard -> rtDating -> Home Page

You can show/hide form, choose search form field, etc.


Now you can see the form on home page.