rtBiz Terminology

You may go through the following terminology in order to understand this documentation better. It will bring you on the same ground with us to understand rtBiz in a proper way.

  • Organisation - The company which is using rtBiz.

  • Employee - Member of the organisation, which is using rtBiz

  • Products - Products and services offered by the organisation.

  • Departments - Working units of the organisation.

  • Contact - Core entity of rtBiz. Represents a individual, client, vendor, customer, company employee.

  • Company - Represents an enterprise, firm. It basically a group to which a cluster of contacts belong to. Contacts under a Company represents that they are part/employee of that company.

  • ACL - Access Control Lists

  • Assignee - Organisation's 'Employee' (WordPress user) to which a contact/company is assigned to.

  • Attributes - Attributes are used to add dynamic taxonomies to WordPress post types. They can be used to further categorize and group the posts conveniently.

  • WordPress User - A user which has an account on organisation's WordPress.

  • Contact Group - Group to which contact belongs. The groups are Customer, Employee, Vendor.

  • Customer - Organisation's client/customer.

  • Employee - Organisation's employee.

  • Vendor - Organisation's Vendor.

  • Entity - Contact, Company, Ticket, Lead, Asset, Bundle etc.

  • Profile Level Settings - Settings available for a Contact or an Employee (WordPress User).

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