rtBiz is an enterprise solution for any Business-to-Business (B2B) company that wants to maintain its website in WordPress.

rtBiz is a free plugin and its settings and features can be extended with the help of other add-ons. This is where rtBiz serves its purpose of being a framework.

The following checklist can help you make an informed decision as to whether rtBiz is the right solution for your needs or not.


  • Are you facing any problems managing your clients and their accounts ?

  • Do you want to segregate your organization's contacts between different types such as Customers, Employees, Vendors etc. ?

  • Are you having troubles maintaining an employees database for your organization ?

  • Do you own a store that offers a bunch of products that needs to be linked with your clients/customers ?

  • Do you want to have a mechanism that has a control over your organization's confidential data and it decides who has access over which data ?

  • Do you use any kind of public mailboxes in your organizations that are used for support or lead generaion purposes ?

If you answer Yes to any of these questions, then rtBiz may be able to ease out the processes that you follow within your organization.

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