1. rtbiz_entity_fields_loop_single_field

    @param $field

    Can be used when user want to change perticular field from additional meta.

  2. rtbiz_entity_columns

    @param $columns
    @param $obj

    It uses wordpress manage_' . $post_type . '_posts_columns filter can be used to manage columns.

  3. rtbiz_entity_register_post_type_args

    @param $post_args // this will be post type register args.
    @param $name // name of registering post type

    This filter is used to change post type agruments before it registers.

  4. rt_entity_remove_meta_box

    @param $meta_box // metabox that are being removed

    This is filter is used to remove meta box.

  5. rt_entity_rearrange_columns

    @param $columns
    @param $obj // Entitiy object

    If you want to change order of columns you can use this filter.


  1. rtbiz_contact_meta_fields

    @param $meta_fields // array of additional meta fields

    Additional custom fields can be added using this filter.

  2. rtbiz_contact_labels

    @param $contact_columns // array of post type of array

    Post type columns can be change using this hook


  1. rtbiz_company_meta_fields

    @param $meta_array // additional meta array for company CPT

    This filter can be used to add additional custom meta fields.

  2. rt_biz_company_labels

    @param $cpt_labels // Company post type CPT array

    This filter is used to change company post type labels.

Access Control

  1. rtbiz_modules
    @param $modules Array

This filter is used to register new plugin modules to rtBiz for its ACL.

  1. rtbiz_permissions

    @param $permission Array

    This filter is used to add / update default rtBiz permissions.


  1. rtbiz_help_tabs

    @param $help_tabs

    If someone wants to change help content or add new page and help for rtbiz they can use this filter, This will give $key => $val array where $key will be page name and $val will be html for that page.

  2. rtbiz_help_documentation_link

    @param $string String

    Documentation link for rtbiz.

  3. rtbiz_help_support_forum_link

    @param $support_link String

    Support page link of rtcamp will be default param. You can change it using this filter.

  4. rtbiz_help_sidebar_content

    @param $html String

    This will pass the html that is renderd using documentation and support page link. You can use this filter to change it's value.

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