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Important: License key is needed to receive automatic upgrades only. No features in any product gets blocked if you do not activate license key.

If license key is expired (after 1 year), you can renew it by following steps mentioned on this page.

Our premium themes and some WordPress plugins e.g.rtMedia addons, may ask you for license key.

License key is added to protect unauthorized copies from abusing our automated update service and premium support service only.

Currently license key is needed only for automated updates. No features are blocked or deactivated in absence of license key.

Below are some common FAQ’s, followed by troubleshooting guide.


You need to find license key first in order to use it.

Where to find license key?

You can always find license key in “my-accounts” section URL:

Please note that above URL will ask for login details as it is accessible to registered users only.

If you don’t remember login details, no need to panic. You can simply reset your account password by following link -

Please use email address you have used at the time of purchase.



Apart from this for all future purchases, from September 20, 2014, license key will also be emailed in all new purchase receipt emails.

What if I don’t remember my email address that I have used at the time of purchase?

Please search your mailbox for any order related email from

If you have used PayPal, please try to find PayPal transaction ID.

If you have used credit card directly, please find any transaction related details.

Whenever you gather some information, please email it to use at

We will locate your order and inform you about email address used for that purchase.

What if I don’t activate my license?

Nothing will break. License-key is used only by automated upgrade service.

You can download new updates from “my-accounts” section at URL and update your plugin manually like other plugins. Please check screenshot below for download link:


I have a development environment, do I need to buy another license?

Absolutely no. Feel free to use our products on as many development/staging sites you need. Ignore license-key notification.

No features will be crippled in absence of license key.

If you wish to upgrade our products with any newer version on your development sites, you may do it manully by downloading new updates from “my-accounts” section at URL

What if I want to change domain name?

If you have already activated license on old domain, you can simply click deactivate button. Please check screenshot below taken from a wordpress-admin dashboard.


It may happen that old domain was a temporary site and is already deleted. In that case, you may delete that site from ”my-accounts” section at URL

Follow below screenshots:


Deactivate old site:


Add new site:



License key is not saved, when I click “Activate” button.

If you are not able to save license key for some reason, just deactivate the plugin/theme and activate them again.

Please give it a try 2-3 times.

If it doesn’t work, please write to with your license key, email address, wordpress site login details. We will need admin-level login details on your site so that we can debug issue and activate plugin ourself.

Need Help?

We understand that after paying for a product, last thing you wish to go through licensing-related issues. So feel free to directly email our support team and allow us to handle this issue for you.

Our support email address:

Please Note: We are giving flat 50% discount on purchased price for the renewal (excluding discount coupon code)