Setup Icons for InspireBook Menu

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InspireBook support fontello icons in the primary navigation, user can change the icon as per there requirement. If you need extra custom fontello icons, you can follow the process given in this article.


Setup custom class

Goto Appearance > Menus, check the checkbox for CSS Classes in Screen Options section in top right corner.

Now you will see CSS Classes textbox under your menu, here you can add or update CSS classes.

Custom CSS Classes

Choose class for menu Icon

Followings are the list of fontello icons which have inbuilt support in InspireBook theme, use this same name as CSS class in navigation,

  • glyph

  • glyph-1

  • glyph-2

  • glyph-3

  • glyph-4

  • glyph-5

  • glyph-6

  • glyph-7

  • home

  • comment-alt

  • attach

  • thumbs-up-alt

  • thumbs-down-alt

  • code

  • block

  • arrows-cw

  • qrcode

  • video

  • info

  • info-circled

  • comment

  • cancel-circled

  • link

  • right

  • group

  • rss

Important: If you have added/generated extra custom icons from, then class name should be the name of that particular icon present on

Hence we are done, now save the menu settings and check in the front-end for your menu icon changes.