Change profile photo in InspireBook

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InspireBook has inbuilt support for changing profile and cover photo, using following simple steps user can change there profile picture.

Goto your profile page (/members/USER-NAME/), mouse hover on your default profile picture, there you can see the optionEdit profile picture.

Change Profile Picture

Choose the option you want from the dropdown menu as 3 option are present as Choose from photos, Upload a photo and Remove.

1. Choose from photos

After choosing this option, it will open pop-up window in which you will see the list of Albums. Select the album in which your uploaded images are located, now again it will show the list of images in the selected album.

InspireBook - Profile Picture

Select the image you want to set as a profile picture and click on Set As Profile Pic.

2. Upload a photo

After choosing this option, it will open system default browse window. Browser and choose the picture from your system and click on the open button.


In the next window, it will ask you to crop the image in required size, simply drag the corners and click on Crop Image button.

Now visit your profile again, the selected image is set as your profile picture.

3. Remove

While selecting this option, your profile picture will be get removed.