Install EasyEngine on AWS Instance

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Sign up For Amazon and Follow these steps

  • Launch New Instance

Click on Launch Instance to start your amazon EC2 Instance Launch.

Launch Instance

  • Select AMI (Linux Distribution Image your server will be Running on).

    Select Ubuntu or Debian Images as EasyEngine supports these only. Select AMI

  • Select Instance Type

    Here select instance type as per your website needs server configuration. Like RAM, Storage..etc Select Instance Type Droplet

  • Configure Instance Details

    Here you should select Shutdown Behaviour as Stop Otherwise your instance will get terminated on shutdown/reboot. Configure Instance Details

  • Add Storage

    Here Add Storage to your instance Add Storage

  • Tag Your Instance

    Give name to your instance Tag Instance

  • Configure Security Group

    Here you need to specify the ports you want to keep open Configure Security Group

  • Review your New Instance Configuration Review

  • Click on launch instance and download the PEM Key given by AWS.

  • Login To your server

    Using SSH you can login to your server in following way

      #Change permission of key file
      chmod 600 key.pem
      #Connect to instance
      ssh -i key.pem ubuntu@<public-ip-of-ec2>
  • Next Step is to Install EasyEngine On your Fresh Droplet