As you are reading this, you might be aware of the fact that Wordpress platform comes with a built-in tool to import blogs. But if you ever used it, you must have faced issues like broken permalink structure, loss of search engine ranking among others.

If you have just started on, you may don’t care about this, but for established blogs these issues are of major concern.

Our this service is for bloggers who want to migrate their blog(s) to self-hosted WordPress platform without any hassle in best possible way out there.

Key features of our service:

  • Maintain Permalinks (301 Redirects)

  • Search Engine Friendly Migration

  • Import Posts, Comments & Images

  • Migrate Feed Subscribers

  • Free WordPress Optimization

Permalink simply means “permanent link”. Its that unique link to each article on your blog which Google shows on search result pages, your visitors bookmark in their browsers, fellow bloggers use while linking to your posts from their blogs and so on!

With our custom codes and some manual work, we make sure that all permalinks on your blogs remain intact. ^^Back To Top

#2. Search Engine Friendly Migration

For Search engine all that matters are permalinks. By maintaining permalinks we already make sure that your maximum traffic gets unaffected since day one on WordPress.

On top of that we install and configure best SEO plugins on your WordPress as well as some our own codes to your server configuration which boost your blogs ranking further in search engine.

So at that end of the migration, search engine will give you more juice! ^^Back To Top

#3. Importing Posts, Comments & Images

While WordPress imports all your posts and comments most of the times, there is no way to import images.

We have developed our own codes to import images from servers to your own WordPress server. can be used as free image hosting service, but why leave your images at Bloggers mercy! ^^Back To Top

#4. Migrate Feed Subscribers

It takes lots of hard work and time for a blogger to build its reader base. Loosing subscribers can we worst nightmare for any blogger.

No matter if you are using’s atom.xml feed, FeedBurner service or any other way to feed your subscribers, we have a perfect solution for each case. ^^Back To Top

#5. Free WordPress Performance Optimization

As you are on (as of now) you might be used to with a very fast webserver with almost zero downtime.

Wordpress, at its core, is very optimized software but with wrong plugins and heavy traffic, your webserver may go down.

Here comes Wordpress performance optimization into picture. ^^Back To Top