About This Service

Blogger to WP (Wordpress) migration professional service is for bloggers who are looking to migrate their Blogger.com blog to self-hosted wordpress setup. We have started this service, because we understand as a blogging platform, Wordpress offer better user experience, SEO advantage and community engagement. Most of the BlogSpot (Blogger.com) bloggers now understand the importance of Wordpress platform, but at the same time they are worried about losing ranking, search engine traffic, broken permalink, images and comments.

In our Professional service, we provide:

  • Wordpress installation and professional set up for blog

  • Migrating from your BlogSpot (Blogger) blog posts to Wordpress blog hosted on your server

  • We perform migration in a way that you do not loose traffic, ranking and search engine juice

  • Wordpress and BlogSpot permalink structure are different. We maintain blog post permalinks using our own codes so that none of your link will be broken and all traffic will redirect at correct desgination.

  • We also have in-house code to move blog post’s images from Blogger.com servers to your own WordPress server.

  • We also make new blog mobile friendly so that you can offer your readers an alternative way to read your blog. ( will cost extra)

  • Making DNS changes for your custom domains (if you are using one). If you want, we can design and develop a wordpress theme matching your Bloggers.com blogs’ layout/template, so that when you move to wordpress your readers won’t notice any change.

About Our Team

Blogger to Wordpress migration professional service is started by rtCamp.

We are same guys who run Devils Workshop and many more blogs! on which we worked.

Got familiar! How do I get started now?

Contact us and pay as per the calculation. We will help you get started with the migration in 24-hours!