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“Test Connection” fails at the time of activeCollab-Gitolite Module Setup.

This could be permission issue

  1. activeCollab-Gitolite module must be able to clone gitolite-admin repo locally. Please check if PHP user can write to /work/git/ directory under your activeCollab setup.

  2. Check if there is any gitolite folder created in /work/git.

This could be git-setup issue

If you haven’t installed gitolite by using then please verify if you can connect to git server properly from PHP user.

For example, login with PHP-user by using following command to your terminal. Or use sudo command like sudo su - PHPUSER where PHPUSER will be a linux-user like nobody, www-data.

Next, check PHP user’s privilege by executing following command: ssh -T | grep gitolite-admin. (Please replacegit with your gitolite-username and with your gitolite-domain.)

Your output should contain R W gitolite-admin. script fails

  1. This script needs to sudo privilege to run. Please try running the script with sudo.

  2. This may be due to a different Linux distro. We currently support only Ubuntu distro. We will soon release support for other ditros

  3. Please check your git username. Chances are git user already exists.

Repository is not updating automatically

  1. Make sure you do not have an empty repository. Make a new initial commit in the empty repository or make an empty commit by: git commit --allow-empty

  2. Alternatively, Go to gitolite-admin settings > Delete all empty repositories listed.

Other Issues

Please use our dedicated support forum. You may find answer to that question already there. If you don’t, feel free to start a new topic and we will reply withlin 24-hours (most likely)