• Group-level Permission Support to help you give group access. For example read-access to entire developer group.

  • Physical deletion of repos from Gitolite server after they are deleted from activeCollab (Gitolite doesn’t support any deletion as of now, but we have plan to implement this through some hack)

  • Initialization of new repos with template content (e.g. readme.txt, .gitignore, etc). A level ahead support from multiple templates.

  • Create a new repo by cloning existing repos. (e.g. from Github, BeanStalk, elsewhere). As of now cloned repos are separate read-only repo.

  • Support for ‘Deploy Keys’ (read-only keys for automated deployment)

  • Deploy over ftp-support. (Please go here for more details.)

If you have any suggestion for a feature, please let us know in our support forum.