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We at rtCamp use ActiveCollab for project management. It is critical how you name each project, specially when you have to manage 100s of projects in a year.

Hierarchy for naming:

  1. Name of the client/company/reseller

  2. Country of operation

  3. Primary Requirement (PSD~WP, Design+Development)

  4. Secondary Requirement (E-Commerce, Membership, Responsive)

Let us see a example: RFP :

We seek to provide the best possible experience on a single website when it's viewed on a multitude of desktop, mobile, tablet devices. We are not sure if Responsive Design is the route or Adaptive Design with a sophisticated device detection script that may be transparent to the user. Or a happy marriage between Adaptive, and Responsive design. Minimum (phone, tablet, laptop) for Adaptive Design Use Responsive Design as sub-level solution (ie. iPhone 4s, Galaxy Nexus, etc) Sign Up Forms like Twitter Ability to perfectly optimize images. You must provide 3 mock-ups of homepage. NDA must be signed prior to work. Looking to get a BETA up with in the next 2 months. So, this is the very first step before the back-end is complete. Must work in accordance to GMT. Thanks, Greg

The task name/project tittle for the above example should be: Greg-UK-Design+Development-Responsive